Everything you can imagen is real

“Pablo Picasso”

About Me

I have painted for many years – on and off – simply because I cannot help – I collect inspiration – many times when you are busy with other things then pops the ideas forward and you yearn simply after time to realize mind – when I am in the garden and enjoying the season IES or a trip into the blue with my camera-sometimes it’s just luck and heave an old vinyl backwards and hear some music that makes a happy in the lid. But no. 1, however, is to meet and see what other artists-be inspired-get criticism and opposition. Thus was I introduced to airbrush by b. Wernonch who generously invited me home and opened the doors wide open-where he bailed out of his experience well – I owe him a big thank you-I paint still in both oil and acrylic because you may be more impulsive-need r less space and can get started more quickly. If you want me to exhibit with you or if you have other exciting ideas then I am always fresh to exciting challenges. Then contact me.

A small selection of places I have exhibited

  • Tidenskunst Års
  • Deloitte
  • Nopa m.m.
  • Fast Udstiller Galleri Blokhus
  • Greve Kunstforening
  • Christanshavn Medborgerhus
  • Danske Bank

 A little appetizer from my galleries hope you get the urge for more!